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Sylvia Leal

Clarity Coach

 As a lifelong learner, life’s lessons have shaped who I am today. For too many years, I struggled with feeling inadequate despite my achievements. I was filled with self-doubt and had a limiting belief that I was not good enough.


The first 30 years in my career were spent as an elementary school teacher focusing my passion on fostering the minds of children. Eventually, I took on a leadership role as a liaison for teachers and administration which led me to earn a Master of Science in Educational Leadership. My decision to retire came after a traumatic arm injury, I realized my workaholic tendencies and unhealthy ways of managing stress played a huge part in my arm injury. My arm was not healing properly because of my unhealthy coping mechanisms, which made it irrefutably clear it was time for a change.

On my journey to overcome my unhealthy habits, I became a certified Health and Life Coach from the Health Coach Institute, later specializing as a TCM Transformational Coach. I learned so much about health and wellness yet, I still hadn’t gotten to the root of the problem, which kept me stuck from being the person and coach I knew I could be.


I wanted to gain more knowledge on how to identify and change the limiting beliefs that kept me stuck in fear, frustration, and self-doubt. It was then that I was guided to discover and study Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), TimeLine Therapy® and Hypnosis at the California School of NLP and Hypnosis. Through their program I became a certified Master Practitioner. As a Master Practitioner, I have used these modalities to help myself and others uncover their limiting beliefs. 

My passion for working with different age groups drew me to become a trainer for the CIJ Clarity Catalyst Program, CIJ Clarity Catalyst for Kids and Teens, and CIJ Culture Catalyst for businesses.


On this journey of growth, I gained clarity on how to overcome my fears of judgment, rejection, and feelings of inadequacy while also fostering self-confidence and courage. I now have the tools to confront those fears and limited beliefs, and I’m committed to helping others overcome theirs as well.

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